Throwing Things Page

This page is dedicated to the art of throwing things. A while ago, we added to our hobbies, Knife and Axe throwing. I look at it as the medieval version of lawn darts. In the future there will be more information here concerning the general sport, but for now this page will be primarily devoted to the art of throwing things within the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and the activities in the East Kingdom in particular.

Current Stuff

East Kingdom Thrown Weapons Rules.
Some Thrown Weapons Competition Ideas.
Ideas Covering target Construction.
Current List of East Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshalls.
Proposed East Kingdom Thrown Weapons Scoring System.
Changes and clarifications to these rules will be published within a few weeks.

Shela of Oldenfeld has just created score sheets for the submission of thrown weapons scores. For now you can download the form in PDF (viewed using Adobe Acrobat ) or MS Word 97 format. Forms completed in MS Word can be sent to Shelia as an attachment. By mid-May we should have a form for directly entering scores and submitting them via this page.
Download MS Word Up-Chuck submission form.
Download Adobe Acrobat Up-Chuck Sumission form.

Old Stuff

Known thrown weapons competitions at Pennsic XXVII.
Known thrown weapons classes at Pennsic XXVII.


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