Pennsic XXVII Thrown Weapons Competitions

Pennsic King of Chuckers Competition

This is a multiform thrown weapons competition consisting of rounds using axe, knife, and spear. A prize for the best in each form will be awarded, and an overall prize will be awarded for combined score in all weapon forms.
General Rules:
The competition will run from Saturday the 8th until close of range on Friday the 14th .
The winner will be announced on Saturday the 15th (time and location will be posted at the range).
Competitors may practice as much as they want, but will only be allowed to throw once for score in each form. This can be done at any time as long is there is a line marshal ready willing an able to observe and record the results.
All specialized throwing weapons (e.g.: throwing stars, hurling bats, monga wongas, shakras – Zena round killing things, etc.) must be approved by Arab Boy before use.
Each round (be it axe, knife, or spear) will consist of six throws at each of three distances.
For knives and axes, the three ranges will be 10-20 feet, 20-30 feet, and 30+ feet.
For spears the three ranges will be 20-30 feet, 30-40 feet, and 40+ feet.
The throwers may retrieve after each throw.
The target will be painted on the backstop and will consist of an 6" square placed in the center of a 18" square of contrasting color.
Only weapons still sticking in the target upon retrieval will be scored.
Weapons in the outer square (18" square) or cutting the edge of the outer square will count one point.
Weapons in the inner square (6" square) or cutting the line between the inner and outer squares will count two points.
All multi-edged weapons must have the intended striking surfaces marked. Only weapons impacting with this marked striking surface will count.

Viking Braid Toss Competition

This is the thrown weapons version of the William Tell Archery Shoot. To prove the virtue of a ‘Viking’ maid (actually a watermelon with 3 strands of rope for hair) by cutting her ‘braids’ with ‘accurate’ throws without hitting her. If the thrower hits her head (the watermelon) obviously the Gods were not protecting her and her virtue is no longer in question. .
General Rules:
Any weapon consistent with East Kingdom Thrown Weapons policies may be used.
The person who has the highest score wins.
Each thrower will make three throws from three distances.
Knives and axes will be thrown from 10-20 feet, 20-30 feet, and 30+ feet.
Spears will be thrown from 20-30 feet, 30-40 feet, and 40+ feet.
Any weapon that cuts a ‘braid’ will score one point.
Once a braid has been hit at a given distance the thrower must toss at a different braid.
If the thrower hits the maiden (i.e.: watermelon) they forfeit the rest of their throws (at all ranges). Note: that the thrower keeps his/her score prior to this miscarriage of justice.
All available throws must be taken.