Proposed East Kingdom Thrown Weapons Scoring System

The Up-Chuck Round


This scoring system is designed to try and test and determine the basic ability of a thrower in the three (3) primary weapon forms used in the East Kingdom namely Axe, Knife, and Spear. It is envisioned that each competitor may choose to work at mastering any or all of the weapons forms and to that effect can choose to compete how they may. The idea here is to establish a standard type of scoring so that the basic ability of thrown weapons practitioners in the East can be measured and potentially the art can be promoted by recognizing individuals for their skill in thrown weapons.

It is important to note that this system and it's rules are only experimental and are honor based. When you come across discrepancies and problems with these rules tell the Arab Boy . The more detailed our information is, the better we will be able to adjust and modify these rules so that they are appropriate to our needs.

Since this round is based upon the "King of Chuckers" tourney held at several Pennsic Wars and each thrower must step up to the line to hurl their weapons, the designation for this scoring system will be known as the 'Up-Chuck Round'.

General Rules:

Competitors may practice as much as they want, but will only be allowed to throw once for score in each form. This can be done at any time as long is there is a line marshal ready, willing, and able to observe and record the results.

All specialized throwing weapons (e.g.: throwing stars, hurling bats, monga wongas, shakras Zena round killing things, etc.) must be approved by Marshall in Charge before use.

All East Kingdom thrown weapons policies must be adhered to during this competition.

Target Design and Scoring:

The target will be painted on the backstop and will consist of a 6" (six inch) square placed in the center of a 18" (eighteen inch) square of contrasting color.

Weapons in the outer square (18" square) or cutting the edge of the outer square will count one point.

Weapons in the inner square (6" square) or cutting the line between the inner and outer squares will count two points.

Only weapons still sticking in the target with the indicated striking surface upon retrieval will be scored. If a subsequent throw knocks a weapon out of the target, then the weapon knocked out of the target is counted as a missed throw. If a thrower is not sure how to score a throw then he/she should ask the Marshall in charge.

No restriction is placed on the number of rounds that may be scored on any given day.


Each round (be it axe, knife, or spear) will consist of six throws (referred to as an 'end') at each of three distances for the weapon type the thrower wishes to score with. If a thrower steps completely over the line demarcated for the beginning of a range distance, that throw shall be counted as a fault and must be re-thrown (remember that we are on our honor and these rules are experimental).

For knives and axes, the three ranges will be 10-20 feet, 20-30 feet, and 30+ feet.

For spears the three ranges will be 20-30 feet, 30-40 feet, and 40+ feet. These distances correspond to the safety ranges set up for throwing spears at hard targets. Even though you can throw spears closer at soft targets the range has been moved back so as not to give an advantage to competitors that use soft targets exclusively.

All multi-edged weapons must have the intended striking surfaces marked. Only weapons impacting with this marked striking surface will count.

Throwers must declare the beginning of their scoring round prior to their first throw.

The throwers may retrieve after each throw.

All three ends for a given weapon type must be thrown consecutively. No particular order.

Each thrower may make one (1) practice throw at each range prior to scoring. This throw must be clearly announced prior to starting an end (remember, you are on your honor).

Score Submission:

In order for Up-Chuck Round scores to be eligible for submission to the Scorekeeper ( Shela of Oldenfeld ), they must be witnessed and recorded by a warranted TW marshal, and scored at an event or practice that has been published in at least a local newsletter.

Up to three scores can be submitted per day.

The thrower shall have the option of which scores to submit.

Rules for the Up-Chuck Round as to type of equipment, divisions, and specifics of the shoot will be amended as new regulations are released from the Office of the Lieutenant General of Thrown Weapons, or his/her appointed deputy.

Up-Chuck scores for submission are to be sent to the Thrown weapons scorekeeper ( Shela of Oldenfeld - ) within thirty days of the date scored and must include all of the information listed below. Yes, you can submit your scores via e-mail.
  • The recording marshal's full SCA name.
  • The date and place that the Up-Chuck Round was hurled.
  • The throwers full SCA and mundane names.
  • The name of the throwers home SCA group.
  • The score for each end and the total for the round.
  • The type of weapon used for each end. The more info here the better.


A of six throws at a given distance.
A compete set of ends for a given weapon type.
The abbreviated title of this proposed scoring system.
Dry Heave
A particularly bad Up-Chuck.
The act of throwing a weapon.

For comments, submissions, and suggestions please email Nicetas.