Archery Stuff Page

This page is dedicated to the art of archery. Currently it is set up to deal with information dissemenation about stuff going on in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and the East Kingdom . In the future I intend to expand this to include a wider range of infomation.

New Champions for the King and Queen of the East have been selected. On the weekend of the 12th through the 14th in the Barony of Carillion a tourney to determine the new archery champions of the East Kingdom was held. It was a hell of a weekend to pick. On Saturday an univited guest by the name of Bertha came up the coast and treatened to call the whole thing off. With an attitude of 'damn the torpedos' the tourney started a measly 2 hours late. Under black skys, high winds, and heavy rain 46 gentles (out of the expected 100+) took to the field and vied for the honor of standing up through many a long Royal Court. Here is a description of the shoots that took place and the standings at the end of the day. When I have them I will publish pictures and details of the events.

Results for K&Q Archery.
Description of shoots for K&Q Archery.

Without the efforts of several other gentles this shoot could not have taken place. These efforts included prepartions before the shoot, set up and break down, and non-archery related work. I would like to thank all gentles who helped out and the following in particular.

Those who put in a heroic effort (forgive my spelling):

Those who were indespensible (again forgive my spelling):