Results of East Kingdom King and Queens Archery Championships

I tried to get all the names and other information correct on this list. Due to wet scoresheets and the entrants varios penmanship skills the names of the participants may be incorrect. If ya got a problem with this or know the mysterious archer # 46 please email me with the correct information. The scores listed ARE correct with the exception of Mark Squirrels Banes' first round score. His main score sheet bit the big one. To anyone who shot, I salute you. Just by being out there and sticking it out proved your metal. And unto the 46 ...


Talk to you later.
Lord Nicetas Lecapenus of Antioch

#SCA NameGroupRnd 1Rnd 2PoolRavenAssasinsTotalNotes
2William Of BarnsdaleBarony Beyond the Mountain29392449.1237.12
34Urho Of the PinesProvince of Malagentia34392439.1236.12
25Kai MacLainBarony of Bergental34342168.3235.32
7Emrs' y' CynyddBarony of Dragonship Haven24342167.5034.50
26Geoffrey St. Alban of EastwoodCanton of Lions End27352248.4834.48
1Krakken GnasboneShire of Quintavia30342147.8432.84
38Bleddian Ab CyninBarony of Carillion293220110.0031.00
17David of the High RocksShire of Eisenthal34311929.4430.44
13Mark Squirrels BaneBarony of Bergental281757.8629.86Missing Main Score Sheet.
16Dwane ShinnockBarony of Dragonship Haven40342144.3629.36
30Kendrick of the Saxon ShoreBarony of Bergental33322043.1427.14
11Dalen CaradocProvince of Malagentia31281754.0326.03
19Ramos DaVidaBarony of Carillion33332020.3722.37
24Ailean Mac an DarochCanton of Bowmans Rest3926
41Ygraine of KellswoodCanton of Aschehyrst3526
22Robert the GreyCanton of Port Oasis2926
32Zenobia BlakeBarony of Bergental3525
31Alberic Magi DroataBarony of Bergental2624
44Peter the RedBarony of Carolingia3822
6Caitlin fitz HenryCanton of Aschehyrst3022
33Alexis of WoodsendProvince of Malagentia2522
42Siusaidah LoineagBarony of Stonemarche3121
12TamsinBarony of Bergental2421
28Emma la rouse d'ArgentanCanton of Aschehyrst2421
14Dov ben WalterBarony Beyond the Mountain3014
5Ohashi KatsutoshiCanton of Aschehyrst2512
35Arike from CaerCuinniuntShire of Quintavia23
21Kendric Of North HamptonBarony of the Bridge22
43Curran FrostfeatherBarony of Carolingia20
9Gretchen von GernebachHouse Der Kameraden19
15Siman KendricCanton of Aschehyrst18
23Ari DerLowenConfed18
45Avelina KeyesBarony of the Bridge17
20Dulcia SabineBarony of the Bridge16
40Rennata McDougallsBarony of Bergental11
29Ralph C???Barony of the Bridge10
18Michael DrachewultBarony of Carillion8Dropped out due to injury.
36Thorgar EricksonUnknown8
10Giacano DegandoHouse Der Kameraden7
37Phillip of the FarrowedBarony of Carillion7
39Christope LejeuneBarony of Bergental7
3Ragnar the WolfShire of Rusted Woodlands5
4Yelizaveta MedvedevaBarony of Carolingia4Equipment Failure.
8Isebellla DegandoHouse Der Kameraden4
27Colin UrsellBarony of Carolingia Equipment Failure.
46UNKNOWN Score Sheet Missing.

The top thirteen archers have been given a place on the champions team at Pennsic.