King and Queens Champions Tourney Description

These are the archery shoots and accompanying rules that are to be used at the King and Queens archery champions tournament to be held within the confines of the Barony of Carillion on July 12-14th.

General rules:

First Round

Max. Points ~60

The first round will be used to initially cut the field of archers by 45% to 50% (depending upon the attendance totals) . As each archer progresses through the stages, all points (and penalties) incurred will be accumulated. Using this point total the field will be cut. At least 40 archers need to pass into the second round to insure a rich competitive environment.

  1. Clout (max. score 12 points):

    A 30' diameter castle, constructed of hay bails, at 100 yards distance (measured to the center of the circle). The walls of the castle will be two rows of bails high, with a third row spaced along the top to represent crenalation. A flag and standing man target will be placed in the center to denote approximately 100 yards.

  2. Advancing Warrior Shoot (max. score ~12 points):

    A timed shoot at life-sized warrior targets with realistic kill zones, spaced at 10 yard intervals, from 70 to 20 yards. Six warrior targets shall be placed at 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, and 20 yards. Five seconds will be allowed to shoot at each target. The count shall begin with a call of "Ready" five times, followed by "70", "60", "50", "40", "30", "20" called five times each, then a call of "Hold". Archers may only shoot at the target currently being called. Each warrior shall be marked with a realistic kill zone.

  3. Slot Shoot (max. score 12 points):

    6 untimed arrows shot at a slot 8" wide and 3' high at a distance of 30 yards.

  4. Friend/Foe Variant (max. score ~12 points):

    A timed shoot at a target representing two armored warriors placed at a distance of about 30 yards. The two warriors will be drawn such that one will be choking and stabbing the other in the back. The fighter being stabbed is friendly and the object is to score hits on his attacker. Arrows that strike the friendly warrior will incur a penalty of -1 arrows striking the back stabbing warrior will score 1 point.

  5. 'Unicorn' Shoot (max. score 12 points):

    This is an 30 second timed shoot consisting of arrows loosed at seven enemy targets bracketing a friendly figure. The target will be at an unknown distance (no less than 30 yards).

Second Round

Max. Points ~60

Archers advancing into the second round will have their current point totals set to 0. In the second round stages they will. As each archer progresses through the stages, all points (and penalties) incurred will be accumulated. Using this point total the field will be cut to at least the top 12 archers. These archers will proceed into the finals with their second round point totals used to generate an advantage in the final round.

  1. Walk Up Clout (max. score 12 points):

    An untimed shoot at unmarked distances shot at the 'clout'. All scoring will be the same as the clout. All archers will be required to loose 1 arrow at the clout at each of six unmarked ranges from no more than 120 yards to no less than 40 yards.

  2. Shape Shoot (max. score ~12 points):

    A 30 second timed shoot at different shaped targets, spaced at least up to 10 yard intervals, at unknown ranges. Five targets shall be placed as follows: 2-6" wide 2' crosses at the closest two ranges, 2-2' square diamonds at the next two ranges out, and 1-2" diameter circle at the furthest range out. The count shall begin with a call of "Ready" five times, followed by one of the shapes being randomly called five times each, then a call of "Hold". Archers may only shoot at the target currently being called.

  3. Hunters Shoot (max. score 12 points):

    An untimed shoot, consisting of 2 arrows shot from each of 3 different stations at one or more 3D targets between 15 and 30 yards. The target may be partially obstructed from some stations. Each station will be marked by a single stake that the archer must be in physical contact with through the shot. Upon approach, each animal will be clearly marked with a vital zone and a kill zone. Each archer will file through (filling in as the previous archer clears a station) the stage taking a shot from each station. Once all of the archers have shot they will advance to the targets and tally scores .

  4. Small Animal Range (max. score 12 points):

    A 30 second timed shoot where the archer will be required to engage 12 targets representing small creatures varying in size from Squirrels to Foxes (note: the targets can be of a fantasy or mythical representation) placed at unknown ranges from 10 to 25 yards. Every unique hit on a target will add one point to the archers score. I.E.: only one hit will count for any one target.

  5. Switched Target Shoot (max. score ~12 points):

    30 second timed shoot. Two targets will be placed at unknown distances. Each will have upon it a piece of artwork (heraldry on a shield) that can be inscribed in a circle no more than 1.5 feet in diameter. Once the order to shoot is given the archers may shoot at the targets changing target with each shot (regardless of where the shot lands).

Final Round

The top 12+ archers in the second round will advance to the finals. Each archers' score will be compared to the score accumulated by the top archer(s), via a percentage. This percentage will indicate the total of a set pool of points that will be assigned to each archer as they advance into the finals. The pool tentatively will be set at 30 points. Archers should be able to accumulate at least this number of points in the final stages if they shoot well. The balance must be such that the person on the bottom of the stack will have a good chance of taking the lead if he/she shoot well and the leaders slack off.

After the second round the top three archers scored 50, 45, and 30 points. The top archer will be awarded (50/50)*100=100% of the pool points. The next archer will be awarded (45/50)*100=90% of the pool points. The third archer will be awarded (30/50)*100=60% of the pool points. If 30 pool points are available archer 1,2,3 will get 30, 27, and 18 points respectively going into the finals.

Nicetas' Final (max. 14 points with a time factor):

This will be a timed scenario shoot involving movement, decision, speed, and action on the part of each archer so involved. The archer is to begin the shoot in a 'no shoot' area set up to represent the area behind the throne during court. It may or may not have physical obstructions and mock thrones. Outside of the 'no-shoot' will be located two shooting position boxes 3' square. In the target area will be seven targets representing threats to the crown as well as several innocent bystander targets. The archer is to assume a relaxed standing stance, in such a way as to suggest that the archer has been standing through most of a marathon court. Minimal requirements of this posture:

  1. If the archer is using a hand bow, his/her bow hand must not be on the bow grip and one bow ear must be touching the ground or the archers foot.
  2. If the archer is using a crossbow the bow must be cradled in his/her arm.
  3. The hand the archer will use to draw his/her arrows must be at his/her side.
When the archer is ready, the marshal will call out Assassins! At that time the clock will be started and the archer may begin the shoot. The archer must move out of the no-shoot area into one of the two shooting locations and engage the enemy targets. When the archer has engaged the targets to his/her satisfaction, then he/she must shoot a 'stop-plate' target that when hit will signify that the archer is done and the time should stop. Details concerning the scoring will be available just prior to the stage.


Li Kung Lo's Shoot (max points ??):

This shoot will be a retreating target shoot consisting of a single raven target, with a kill zone, placed upon a 40cm circle set at an unknown distance. Each archer will be given 1 shot to hit the raven target.

Once all of the archers have shot the raven will be moved back and the remaining archers will attempt another shot at the raven. This will continue until there are no archers left.

If you have any questions contact Nicetas.