I have been doing leather work of one form or another (from Period shoemaking, sheath making, now tack) for about 20 years now. Most of my work concentrates on the functional aspects, of leather work, only a small amount of tooling involved.

-        I have experience reconditioning and repair halters and bridles both English and western.

-        Worked on basic repairs of saddles.

-        Reconditioning and initial conditioning of saddles (though the latter is tricky since it can change the color of the saddle).

-        Building halters from scratch.

-        Constructing "franken" halters and bridles (parts scavenged from unrepairable halters and bridles).

-        Custom crops made from fiber glass cores as well as rawhide and cane all using traditional leather plaiting work in cow and roo hide.


Most of my repairs are by hand at the moment, until I can get the industrial equipment I need to do quality repeatable machine stitching. Once I have that repair times will decrease and making custom tack from scratch will be much easier.


Also I have experience in knot work such as:

-        Para cord racing reins, halters, and lead lines.

-        Rope halters, bit-less halter conversions, and hackamores.

-        Rope reigns with Riata

-        Para cord quirts (with leather tickler).


Frankly when it comes to rope work I can do most anything, I just have to have a reason to do it. Anything I can make out of para cord I can make from leather ... given materials and time. Fine leather plating work is very laborious, I am not sure how cost effective large items would be.  Work is performed at home. I can bring tools, and have in the past, to do simple repairs on site. Below is a basic list of services and products this is only a sample.



Service and Product List

Service or Product



Billets Replaced

Replace broken, detached, degraded billets

26.00 per billet

Halter repair: Recondition

Clean and recondition halter. Assumes no hardware replacement needed


Halter repair: Throat Latch Snap replacement

Basic Halter repair cost plus Hardware.


Halter Repair: Tie Ring

Basic Halter repair cost plus Hardware.


Halter Repair: Crown

Basic Halter repair cost plus Hardware.


Halter Repair: Chin Piece

Leather strap plus hardware


Halter Repair: Reconstruction

Major rebuild of halter

30.00 + Hardware

Halter: Break away Conversion

Involves replacing the strap from the left side cheek to the crown with a leather "fuse"


Halter: Break away Fuse

The “fuse” is a leather strap pinned together with a Chicago screw

3.30 each

Bridle alteration

Shortening, lengthening at buckle


Bridle Repair: Braided Reins

Fix Braided Reins (re-braid/stitch)

25.00 per pair

Bridle Repair: Recondition

Clean and recondition. Assumes no hardware replacement needed


Bridle Repair: Rein replace



Repair Girth Straps

Assumes replacement of elastic leather and buckle if needed

20.00 each

Zippers on tall boots: Repair

Hand repairs

30.00 per boot

Saddle clean/oil: English

This assumes cleaning, neetsfoot oiling (if needed) and top coat treatment.


Saddle clean/oil: Western

This assumes cleaning, neetsfoot oiling (if needed) and top coat treatment.


Crop and Whip repair

I will need to assess what needs to be done for an accurate estimate


Boot Treat and Polish: Short

Must be mostly clean. Need to specify level of shine.


Boot Treat and Polish: Tall

Must be mostly clean. Need to specify level of shine.



Custom Crops

Price may vary based upon special materials or styles


Racing Rein and Quirt combo

See descriptions bellow


Lead lines

Made from 5/8th inch Poly Derby rope. Metal splice covered with a Turks head keeper.

6’ – 11.00

10’ – 15.00

Racing Reins

Solid 8 strand herringbone plait that turns to a flat strap plait as it approaches the bit. Conway buckle and trigger snap allow adjustment and quick rigging. Turks head keeper knots where the reins transition from a flat plait to a round plait. Also 2 hand position Spanish ring knots are placed on the reigns. These are set 7.5 inches from the center of the reins but this can be customized.

  • Specify the length measured from bit over the horn (or in the hands) and back to the bit. Nominal length 7-10feet.
  • Specify 2 desired colors.
  • Specify location of the hand index knots.
  • Powder coated snaps available.



$25.00 including all hardware

Rommel Reigns

Herring bone plaited reins terminating in tassels, attached to your bit using drool straps of leather. In the center of the reign is attached a 4 foot Rommel with a 6 inch leather popper. Decorative Turks head knot keepers are place at both ends of the Rommel. The Spanish ring knot that sets the loop for the Rommel to attach allows for you to adjust the reigns. No metal hardware used in these reins.

  • Specify the length measured from bit over the horn (or in the hands) and back to the bit. Nominal length 7-8 feet.
  • Specify 2 desired colors.




Braided Quirt

Plaited paracord quirt. Made from 8 continuous strands of cord with Turks head keepers at each end of the handle. A leather popper attached with a mystery braid extends from the end. The tightness of the wrist loop can be adjusted with a ring knot.

  • Specify the length of the desired handle. Nominally from 6 – 9 inches.
  • Specify 2 desired colors.
  • Specify the overall length desired from where the wrist loop meets the handle to the end of the popper. Nominally 20-24 inches.



Rope Halter

Traditional rope halter in 5/16” or ¼” halter cord. The nose band can have 2 or 4 pressure knots and it covered in para cord to stiffen it and create a smooth surface over the horses’ nose. The fiador is anchored with a Turks head and the 2 running likes are bound together with another Turks head resulting in no metal components in a standard halter. Measuring for a rope halter can be tricky.Please see this halter measurement guide.

  • All rope halters need to be custom fitted. I use Clinton Andersons guides for the measurements. If you already know the measurements you want (say you want to copy an exiting halter rope or wise) we can take measurements off of that. Please see this halter measurement guide.
  • I stock pile some colors as they come available if you want a particular color then I will need to order it.
  • Specify the color for the nose band and Turks heads.  If I don’t have a color I will just what rope I have in stock.
  • Specify 2 or 4 nose band knots. The extra two knots go across the nose band knots (see the image of the Clinton fitting guide).
  • Do you want rings attached to use the halter as a bit-less bridle?
  • Do you want a crown piece added? Recommended if the halter is to be used as a bridle. See the example picture.




$25.00 to $35.00



For comments, submissions, and suggestions please email Ken White.