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This page is dedicated to guns and 2nd amendment rights issues.

If you can't deal with this Go Away .

If you are still with me then let me explain the statement above. Unlike the bulk of anti-2nd amendment groups, a good number of us on the pro-side believe that understanding the real issues of gun control requires that information be freely given on the subject. So that we may better know our enemy, the Go Away tag above will be set up to sent you to an anti-gun web site. Currently it points to a site set up by the CPA (no, not certified public accountant) aka: 'The Coalition for Peace Action'. I whole heartedly encourage you to check it out. Some will say that, "If people are undecided, going to such a site will swing them against us". Well, if these people are so easily swayed by the anti-gun drek, then efforts by the media have already turned them against us.

Gun Stuff in New Jersey:

After a long lapse, I finally got around to looking into getting NJ law and lawmakers information on th the net. This is what I have found. The following links point to stuff going on in the legislature via the New Jersey Law Network . If you want some unfiltered information GO TO THESE SITES . This stuff changes often I will try and keep it up to date, but if you really want to know the 'facts' check the site frequently.

The following table lists permanant statutes of specific interest. These links point to sections of the NJ Code of Criminal Justice. I am not a lawyer, and comments below are to be treated as a laymans observations. Any real interpretations are to be handled by a lawyer. These pages make heavy use of frames.

2C:3-1 to 3-11 Statues covering the justification of conduct. Here seem to be the statues covering what you can and can't do to protect yourself, others, and your property.
2C:39-1 to 39-16 Statues covering weapons. Here seem to be the statues covering weapons in NJ including its current Assault Weapon ban. The scary thing about these titles is how broadly they can be interpreted and how ambiguos they are. E.G.: In 39-1e a sling shot could be considered a firearm.

Bills in Committe:

I am trying to keep track of bills in committe that are dealing with gun/crime related issues. To see what I have currently listed click on the bill below. This document also includes links to Legislators of interest.

Righteous Indignation:

Did you know that a group of General Assembly candidates signed a pledge not to weaken ( read: correct) or repeal the NJ assault weapon and high capacity clip ban legislation of 1990? Well here they are .

Sites of Interest:

Info on getting a non-resident CCW .
Stop by The Electronic Gun Shop .

Gun Related Articles and Information:

Hotlist of gun control issues .
The Racist Roots of Gun Control . This article pushes a whole new set of buttons on the gun control issue.
Second Thoughts About Gun Control . This series of articles presents some good questions to the undecided.
Is Gun Control Constitutional? Is it right? .
Gun Control: A Realistic Assesment (200k). If you can get through it this article systematicly attacks all of the major falacies propagated by the anti gun lobby.
Check out Frizzens' Firearms Resource Page .
View the NRA Firearms Fact Card .
A religious view against gun control.

Gun Politics Sites:

UCRC Guide to Your Second Amendment Rights .

Gun/Gunner Organizations:

Goto the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) web site.
Goto the NRA web site or jump directly to ALERTS
Goto the CCRKBA (Citizens Committe for the Right TO Keep and Bear Arms) web site or use their database search engine .

Know your enemy, Anti Gunner Sites/Articles:

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