The following table lists Bills in committe and links that are worrysome. Individuals to contact, pro or con concerning these bills in commitee are as follows:
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This table highlights bills in committe that I found of particular interest. In order to generate this a significant amount of my time must be expended so, the data here may be out of date ( ). To keep current, use the links above and look through them yourself.

Each of the items below will contain some of my personal opinions. I am not a lawyer. If you want a legal opinion talk to a lawyer. If you don't like my opinion, write me or just go to hell.

Key to the table.

This indicates that the item listed DEMANDS notice. It is either a very bad thing or a very good thing.
This indicates that the item, in my opinion, is a very GOOD thing.
This indicates that I do not (yet) have any opinion, or any clue what to make of this item.
This indicates that the item, in my opinion, is a very BAD thing.

A1294 S930 Handgun permit-revises procedures. It probably won't pass, but it's still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to see this bill show up in New Jersey. This is NJ's version (Senator Cardinale introduced it) of a right to carry bill. GIVE THIS MAN SOME SUPPORT.
A499 Handgun, use in crime-incr. mand. term. I support any law that makes it Illegal to use a firearm in a crime. Now if only we could keep these gun violations from being plea bargained away.
A454 A785 Firearm used in crime-liab. of seller. Are car dealers held liable for cars used in crimes? Are cellular phone services held liable for the drug deals made via cell phone?
A464 A552 S562 Gun Free School Zones. All of these bills have blanket provisions to make possession of a firearm illegal within 1000 feet of the outskirts of a school. If you happen to live within 1000 feet of a school and own a gun you will be in violation of the law. Some towns, like Lakewood, have dozens of small private schools (orthodox Jewish) spread throughout town. In Lakewood it would be nigh impossible to own a gun, and keep it in your home.
A1693 S539 Body vest, unlawful use-incr. penal. It is already unlawful for a normal citizen to by or use a 'bullet proof' vest. Why do we need more laws against them? The bill would make it more illegal if body armor is used in the commission of, or an attempt to commit, or flight after committing or attempting to commit murder, manslaughter, robbery, sexual assault, burglary, kidnaping, criminal escape or assault.There is no 'bullet proof' vest made that can stop a high powered rifle, or sustained shotgun slug fire. Arm the police better and kill the bastards.
A1935 Firearms, juv.-changes various laws
A1936 A1937 Firearms, use in crime-parental liab. This makes the parent/guardian liable for crimes committed by their children. Fortunately it seems to have defense provisions for situatuation where the gun was stored properly, and the child still gained access.
S107 Carjacking w/firearm-mand. min. term. I support any law that makes it Illegal to use a firearm in a crime. Now if only we could keep these gun violations from being plea bargained away.
S106 Polymers bullets, cert.-proh. possession. WHAT THE FUCK? Is this a new imaginary evil ammunition type? If you know anything about these armor piercing highly expanding rounds drop me a line. Sounds like science fiction to me.
S128 Handguns, cert.-proh. sale, possession. Are we back in the seventies? This is a law to make 'Saturday Night Specials' illegal. Here a Saturday night special is a handgun which has a die-cast, metal alloy frame or receiver which melts at a temperature of less than 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
S113 Handguns-personalized sale only in 3 yrs. This bill upon becoming law will within three years make it illegal for any registered or licensed firearms manufacturer or dealer to transport, sell, expose for sale, possess for sale, assign or transfer any handgun unless that handgun is a personalized handgun. I.E.: The weapons must incorporate a device making them incapable of being used by anyone but the licensed owner. This is the 'smart gun' law. It is crap, it is based on science fiction, and it should stay there. Yes it is is technicaly feasable, and so is implanting an ID tracker into every person born in the US (they do it for pets now).
S524 Ammunition, cert.-permits possession. This bill seems to open up the Draconian laws concerning the use of hollowpoint ammunition.
A1385 S549 S516 Handgun sales-locking device req. These bills are attempts to mandate locking devices and bigger warnings to go along with any guns sold in the Peoples Republic.
SJR8 Toy Gun Study Comm.-creates. Your tax dolars will be spent so that the state can examine the need to regulate the manufacture and sale of toy guns. How about permits for kids?
S592 Domestic viol. registry-firearm permits. NJ law makes it illegal for individuals who have domestic violence complants/violations against them to purchase a gun. This bill attempts to establish a searchable registry of violators and require all municipalities to use it when evaluating applications for the purchase of firearms. This will be paid for with a $10 tax on all gun sales. I have no idea where this will lead (except to even more laws).